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Blandy murder

Go Active Gold Consultation

GO Active Gold is a new project that will support people in rural areas, age 60 and over, to live more active lifestyles by setting up local, affordable physical activity sessions that are fun, friendly and for all abilities.  Longworth has been selected as one of the Oxfordshire villages to be included in the GO Active Gold program.  The program organisers are asking Longworth residents what activities they are most interested in participating in.  Please respond to goactivegoldvale@southandvale.gov.uk.  You can download the form by clicking here.

Go Active Consultation

Longworth Neighbourhood Plan – Presentation

Click link below to view the Powerpoint slides from the village event

LNP Village Consultation 16th Jan 2016 – Final

Longworth Against the Nursery Development



You may know that there is a planning application to build 13 houses on one corner of “The Potting Shed Nursery” site on Hinton Road, Longworth. However, you may not realise that – if this were to be successful – the quiet and rural nature of our whole village is under threat. This could be only the beginning of an even larger development!


  • Increased traffic through the village
  • More danger of traffic accidents at the Pinewoods Road / A420 intersection
  • Increased likelihood of other planning applications elsewhere in the village
  • More pressure on places at Longworth school – which is already full
  • Increased risk of local flooding, including sewage pollution Loss of flora and fauna habitat with the destruction of trees on the nursery and loss of the rural aspect to the outskirts of our village
  • More light pollution, more noise, more concrete………



Click on the link below then click on ‘Comment now’ to lodge your objection:



Sarah Green, Planning officer, Telephone: 01235 540546;

Email: registration@southandvale.gov.uk. Vale of White Horse District Council,

135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, OX14 4SB

Planning application reference P15/V2863/O

The Potting Shed Nursery Hinton Road Longworth Abingdon

From Catapults to Colliders

Collider poster_Layout 1

Farewell from Alan Boyce

Alan Boyce, long time resident of Longworth and clerk to the parish council for many years, is leaving the village and has this message to share.

I shall be leaving the village of Longworth at the end of December, and moving to Sheffield to be closer to my son and daughter and my two grandchildren. I have spent 39 years, almost half my life, here in rural Longworth; going back to the city will, I hope, be like opening a new chapter of a book. The village has been a great place to spend half a lifetime. Elsa and I moved here quite by happy chance, but we could not have chosen a more agreeable place both to live in and to nurture two growing-up children in. We both tried to pay back our good fortune; she by 20 years’ service as elected Vale councillor and parish council chairman, myself by 13 years as parish clerk, four years as school governor, too many years heading up the successful ‘Land not Sand’ fight to stop a sand quarry adjacent to the A420, and (before I finally ran out of steam) starting off the ongoing Neighbourhood Plan project. If I leave any memento, I can only refer you to the 70-odd 500-word essays on village affairs I contributed over 15 years to the Cherbury News, now preserved for posterity in a locked wooden box in the choir of the church; surely an incongruous end for an unbeliever… I will not be able to say farewell to everyone we have known over the years; but I shall remember all of you and, should you ever think of me, I would like to hear of local events from time to time, if you have the time to spare.

Henry Marten, Longworth’s Regicide


KBDG Presents “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

The Emperor's New Clothes


 Click on the poster for more details

Longworth Fireworks Reminder – and Additional Info

Saturday 31st October at 6:30 pm

White House, Church Lane, Longworth




Longworth appoints Footpath Warden

Longworth Parish Council has appointed Richard Kenyon as its Footpath Warden.

The role of the Footpath Warden is to:

  • Act as a liaison point for rights of way issues between parish council and rights of way services.
  • Ensure that the needs of the local community in respect of the rights of way network are being represented. This will include negotiating and working closely with local landowners and farmers.
  • Inspect all the rights of way pathways at least once in every year. Making sure that pathways are kept clear, route signs are clearly visible and stiles, gates, etc are in good order.
  • Report any problems encountered on the network to their individual Rights of Way Officer at Oxfordshire County Council.

You can contact Richard concerning footpath issues via email at richardkenyon44@hotmail.com, or you can contact the parish council at longworthpc@mail.com

Footpath Warden at work


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