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Road Safety

Dear Longworth resident,

The Parish Council has been made aware of some overgrown hedges, shrubs and over-hanging tree branches that are extending into the roads and lanes at various properties throughout the village, resulting in a number of near-misses between cars, lorries and buses with cyclists and pedestrians.

As such protrusions risk creating a dangerous and unsafe environment for those using the roads, can we please ask that you assess your property and take whatever actions are necessary to trim back or clear away anything that might be extending into the roadway?

The Parish Council strives to ensure the health and safety of its villagers and visitors to the village and we appreciate your understanding and assistance in this matter.

Should you have any questions, please contact Gill Carlisle on the above email address or 01865 821319

Longworth Church Fete

3 Villages Bus from Longworth to Oxford

The village bus from Hinton Waldrist and Longworth via Appleton to and from Oxford runs weekly every Wednesday.  It is available for any parishioner to use. 

We need a few more people to use this bus. If it is underused there is a risk the county Council will refuse to let us continue the service. Anyone can use it.


The Bus leaves the bus shelter at 10.02am or, if more convenient, outside Well Cottage, Rectory Lane at 10.01am. It stops at Bonn Square in the centre of Oxford so is convenient for the Westgate Centre or the rest of Oxford. It returns at 1pm . It runs every Wednesday except bank holidays.


It is so convenient, no hassles with parking and a lot cheaper. The bus is subsidised by the parish councils All we ask is a donation of £2.50 for each return trip if you can afford it.  Donations to be left in the letter box to the left of the door at Rosedene, High Street, Longworth


Please check the noticeboard for any updates or contact Lesley Kinch 01865 820237

Notice of Public rights and publication of unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return

Longworth Village Hall Notice

Village Hall Notice

Statement of Persons Nominated – election of Parish Councillors

Notice of Election

Notice of Election Vale Parishes

Notice of Election Vale Parishes

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