As you may have heard,  it was announced yesterday that Gwyne Diment,  the Manager at your local day-care centre, The Cedar Community Club in Hinton Waldrist, is one of the five shortlisted finalists in the Guardian’s competition to find the ‘Public Servant of the Year’ – a highly prestigious national award. Gwyne  has been the Manager at the club since it opened last December, and before that  she was Manager of the old Kingsmoor Day Centre in Hinton Waldrist for 14 years, which many people from Longworth have attended over the years.


Gwyne’s shortlisting  for this award is truly well-deserved, and it reflects  her amazing hard work, her imaginative session planning and organisation, and her total dedication to ensuring that our members get the most out of their time at the Centre.  We are extremely lucky to have her as Manager at the Cedar Community Club, and the Club would not have reopened without her determination and passion.


You can find further details about Gwyne and her work at the Cedar Community Club in The Guardian, published on Wednesday, 2 October, which is also available online.


We would love to see Gwyne win this award, and we need everybody who knows her and who cares about provision of day care for the elderly in our local area TO VOTE FOR HER. Voting closes at 11:59 a.m. on  Tuesday, 15 October.




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