Vale Climate Emergency Advisory Committee meeting at 6pm on Tuesday 15 October.

The Vale Climate Emergency Advisory Committee is set to meet for the first time at 6pm on Tuesday 15 October.

 The politically balanced committee meeting is open for anyone to attend and, chaired by Cllr David Grant, members will discuss recommendations on targets to becoming carbon neutral.  (7 councillors who meet in public to advise the council’s Cabinet on matters relating to the climate emergency.)

The committee will discuss three recommendation options:

  1. To become a carbon neutral council. This could help the council to lead by example and is consistent with targets set by other councils across Oxfordshire, allowing for partnership working.
  2. To become a carbon neutral council ‘plus’ – this pledge goes further than option one and extends the reach of the council to respond to local and national trends and projects.
  3. To become a carbon neutral district with an aspiration to secure the sustainability of the district’s future, which could put the area at the forefront of climate change policy and innovation.

Cllr Grant said, “We’re in the middle of a climate emergency and urgently need to identify action to tackle it. We want our residents to get involved in helping the committee make recommendations to Cabinet and welcome people’s views on the opportunities ahead of us.  If people would like to speak at the beginning of the meeting, they can register in advance and all are welcome to come along to watch.” 

If you’d like to email your views or ideas, you can email the committee via haveyoursay@southandvale.gov.uk 

For those interested in speaking at the beginning of the committee meeting, please email democratic.services@southandvale.gov.uk by 5pm on 14 October.    

Anyone wanting to come along to observe, can come to reception at the district council offices at 135 Eastern Avenue on Milton Park.

Once the committee meeting has taken place, their recommendation will be made to Cabinet members to discuss.


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