Longworth appoints Footpath Warden

Longworth Parish Council has appointed Richard Kenyon as its Footpath Warden.

The role of the Footpath Warden is to:

  • Act as a liaison point for rights of way issues between parish council and rights of way services.
  • Ensure that the needs of the local community in respect of the rights of way network are being represented. This will include negotiating and working closely with local landowners and farmers.
  • Inspect all the rights of way pathways at least once in every year. Making sure that pathways are kept clear, route signs are clearly visible and stiles, gates, etc are in good order.
  • Report any problems encountered on the network to their individual Rights of Way Officer at Oxfordshire County Council.

You can contact Richard concerning footpath issues via email at richardkenyon44@hotmail.com, or you can contact the parish council at longworthpc@mail.com

Footpath Warden at work


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