Longworth Neighbourhood Plan – Presentation

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LNP Village Consultation 16th Jan 2016 – Final


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  1. John Phillips

    The Longworth Pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan is a good opportunity for residents to support how the majority feel about the future of their village. And to endorse the Vale’s Local Plan policies for the “smaller villages.

    It is vital that the character of the village is protected and maintained.

    Limited Infill in the built area of the village is appropriate. The supporting policy 2 on design will help to retain its character. Estate developments would be out of character and place strain on local facilities as traffic would spoil the quiet nature of Longworth because most residents would need to make a car journey to retail, medical and other commercial and community facilities.

    (Built-up area is a recognisable planning term and the singular should be used throughout Policy 1 and its subparagraphs)

    1. Gill Carlisle

      Thanks John, feedback passed onto committee

  2. Carol Hall

    A very impressive document. Many thanks to the committee for all their hard work in preparing the Neighbourhood Plan which, hopefully, the planners will respect when considering any future development in Longworth as it follows closely the Vale’s policy for smaller villages.

    Longworth is a very quiet, rural and tranquil village, as stated, and the proposals in the Longworth Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan respect that situation suggesting that any further building should ensure that the character of the village is not altered. It is vital that we protect the green spaces and conservation areas resisting larger developments of estate type housing on open land. This could change the character of Longworth considerably not to mention the increase in traffic on already very narrow roads.

    The proposal for infilling, thus limiting the number of houses on any one piece of land is good but we should also look at size of house. Most recently built houses seem to be massive in size for the plot of land on which they have been built.

  3. Alan Boyce

    An acceptable compromise between aspic and creeping gentility.

    Please continue the good work.

  4. Scott M Paton

    Thank you for the work and effort as I think the LNP will be useful however whilst I DO NOT want nor subscribe to wholesale development in any form I do believe that new housing is both required and desirable and reading the draft plan it could be interpreted as more aspic than creeping gentility to paraphrase Mr Boyce.

    As with all research the numbers in the LNP can be interpreted many ways and I would suggest that some of the ‘strong desires’ are actually a relatively small percentage of the village. Of the 42% response rate less than half considered Rural Atmosphere and Quiet & Tranquility as the most important aspect i.e. less than 1 in 5 if one chooses to interpret it like this.

    Whilst almost 3/4 of the survey ranked maintaining open spaces as either the most or one of the most important considerations when looking at development a 1/4 of responses suggested they would be happy to see building on paddock and open spaces and over 3/4 actively suggested development should happen in infill/back gardens and paddocks. So there appears to be an appetite for development in the village albeit on a managed basis.

    So my point is this, I think what this document does not include is anything on what the village wants in return for development (and it will come) and not simply a veiled attempt at trying to stop it. So much is written about the lack of sustainable development because the school is full, there is no shop, Cow Lane is too narrow, etc. There is currently a lobby against the proposed development of the Nursery site, yet the research shows that this is the site most identified by villagers for development, albeit by a minority. That development is likely to be consented if not this time then in the not too distant future. And once it goes they will get full-site development so maybe 80 – 100 homes are possible over the coming years.

    Should the LNP not include some reference for the desire to reinstate a village store rather than everyone driving to Southmoor/Appleton/ Frilford or wherever. Should we not be looking for development to fund school development and expansion if needs be, or upgrading of the village hall or church.

    if the LNP included specific reference to what the village wants this might encourage developers to consider this when developing proposals if they think it will help gain support from the wider village and not simply have a NIMBY lobby rally against them.

    As someone who has land that might one day be consented for development I have said publicly that if we were to gain consent and then realise the uplift in value of the land through a sale I would feel it appropriate to make a donation to the village exchequor so the village benefitted from the consent and the undoubted change in amenity it would entail. Whilst the LNP could not, I’m sure, stipulate a level of donation/contribution it may able to suggest something.

    I do not see this as a proposal to ‘see off’ objections but to recognise that development should benefit the village and not just individuals.

    I trust this is of some use.

  5. Michelle Herbert

    This is a great document that aims to maintain the gentle and rural aspect of the village. I agree that infill is the best option as facilities and infrastructure is unable to cope with more than that.

    The plan also is very much inline with the Vale’s policy for smaller villages too.

  6. Mark Herbert

    Having read the LNP, my opinion is that it accurately reflects the resident’s views on future development within, and on the periphery of, of the village.

    Therefore I fully support the plan in it’s entirety.

  7. J & V Burbank

    The Longworth Neighbourhood Plan is a clear and accurate expresion of the wishes of the villagers of Longworth which emerged in the answers to the Neighbourhood Questionnaire and, as such, should be supported.
    The efforts by the Committee members required to create this document are very much appreciated.

  8. Kevin & Annemarie Torlage

    Having attended the recent presentation and read the drafted Longworth Neighbourhood Plan, I believe it encapsulates the views of the residents of the village and sets out to maintain the essence of Longworth and to protect the quietness and tranquility of the village and its rural environment. It, I believe, will ensure that any proposed developments will be in keeping with the character of the village so that it continues to be an attractive place to live.

    We would fully endorse the plan and its objectives.

    We are indebted to the committee for all its hard work in preparing this document.

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