Longworth Neighbourhood Plan referendum Update

The Longworth Parish Council is happy to announce that a date has now been set for the referendum to decide the Longworth Neighbourhood Plan. It will be held on Thursday, August 18th from 7am to 10pm at the village hall. A timetable of relevant dates and events is on this link.  Longworth timetable – referendum
You must be on the electoral roll for Longworth in order to vote and poll  cards will be delivered. This referendum will allow postal and proxy voting so you will still be able to have your voice heard and your vote count even if you are unable to vote in person.
All information about the  Neighbourhood plan can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan section of the village website along with all the relevant documentation including the Referendum Version of the Plan. A few hard copies of the Plan will also be made available for people unable to access via the internet at the following locations, please telephone in advance to arrange collection time

The Vale’s website also contains information about the referendum and contains relevant documentation; it can be reached here:  http://www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/services-and-advice/planning-and-building/planning-policy/neighbourhood-plans/longworth-neighbourhoo.
Also attached are the forms you will need to complete and mail to the Vale if you require either postal or proxy voting. Or, if you prefer, you can contact the Electoral Services directly for a copy of the form you require; they can be reached at 01235 422240. Voting by Proxy form and  Voting by Post form
Any further relevant information coming through from the Electoral Services shall be sent through as soon as possible.
Longworth Parish Council

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