Parish Council


2017/18 Accounts 2017_18 EXPENDITURE OVER £100 Accounts 2017_18 Variances Accounts 2017_18 Fixed assets Accounts 2017_18 Bank Reconcilliation Governance Statement Accountng Statements Audit report 2017_18 SA-notice-of-public-rights 2016/17 Audit letter Notice of conclusion of Audit Audited Annual return 2017 Annual Return for audit Expenditure over £100 2016_17 Variances 2016_17 Bank Reconciliation Exercise of Public Rights Appendix 5 …

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2019 Agenda 9th Jan 2019 Agenda 20th Feb 2019 amended Agenda 3rd April 2019   2018  Agenda10th January 2017 Agenda 7th February 2017 Agenda 21st March 2018 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda May 2018 Parish Council Agenda 9th May 2018 Meeting 11th July Cancelled Agenda 20th July 2018 Agenda 17th August 2018 Agenda 12th Sept 2018 …

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Annual Parish Meeting

ANNUAL PARISH MEETING 9TH MAY 2018 DRAFT Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 9th May 2018 HALF report to the Annual Parish Meeting 9th May 2018 Helping Hands 4 villages Longworth Allotments Annual Report 2017 longworth Charities Village Hall Report Friends of Longworth Church for Annual Parish Meeting 9th May 2018 Longworth and District History Society 2017 …

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Parish Council Fixed Assets

Please see below. the Land and buildings owned by Longworth Parish Council, for more information about these please contact Gill Carlisle, Parish Clerk on 01865 821319 Allotment Land Burial Ground Land Village Hall (conveyance extract)

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PC Members

Until 8th May 2019 Your parish councillors are Michael Hodgkins Vice Chair   (NAG liaison) Lesley Kinch (Transport) Nigel Parnell Sandra Sabathy – Chairman Nigel Shaw Catherine Spencer Wendy Woodford (Allotments   From 8th May 2019 your Parish Councillors will be: Anita Appleby Lesley Kinch Nigel Parnell Sandra Sabathy Catherine Spencer Vacancy Wendy Woodford   Clerk …

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PC Minutes

Please select the year below to view Minutes of Parish Council Meetings  

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