This website is sponsored by the Longworth Parish Council as a service to the local community. It is maintained entirely by volunteers who give generously of their time. We are in constant need of new ideas and new input to keep the site fresh, interesting, relevant and useful, and if you are able to help in any way, please get in touch. We are particularly in need of budding journalists who can contribute news stories, and photographers who can add to our photo galleries covering local activities. Absolutely no experience of the Web or programming is needed. Email the webmaster at webmaster@longworthvillage.org.uk.

Site Policy Statement

Photographs of local events. We respect at all times the right of all individuals to privacy. From time to time, the site publishes photo galleries that include photographs of people participating in local events. We will not deliberately publish photographs that depict individuals in a demeaning or intrusive manner. However, if any individual depicted in any such photograph objects to its publication on this site, we will remove the offending image.

News stories. The site publishes news stories of local interest which are submitted by third parties who may be unconnected with the organizers of the site. The webmaster will make every effort to avoid publishing stories that are defamatory or which contain material inaccuracies. However, the webmaster is not in a position to check the facts behind each news story, and does not accept any liability for any consequences arising from the publication of incorrect or defamatory information. If any reasonable objection is raised regarding a news story, the webmaster will either correct the story or remove it from the site.

Event Listings and Notices. Each event listing and notice submission is vetted by the webmaster prior to its posting on the site. The webmaster will make every effort to avoid the publication of mischievous or malicious items in these areas of the site, but accepts no liability for any consequences arising from the posting of such items.

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