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PC Members

Until 8th May 2019 Your parish councillors are

  • Michael Hodgkins Vice Chair   (NAG liaison)
  • Lesley Kinch (Transport)
  • Nigel Parnell
  • Sandra Sabathy – Chairman
  • Nigel Shaw
  • Catherine Spencer
  • Wendy Woodford (Allotments


From 8th May 2019 your Parish Councillors will be:

  • Anita Appleby
  • Lesley Kinch
  • Nigel Parnell
  • Sandra Sabathy
  • Catherine Spencer
  • Vacancy
  • Wendy Woodford


Clerk to the Parish Council:

Mrs Gill Carlisle (Parish Clerk)

High Street
Longworth OX13 5DU

Phone: 01865 821319

Email: longworthpc@mail.com

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