Neighbourhood Plan

Longworth Neighbourhood Plan

Plan Made

The neighbourhood plan is formally made and part of the Development Plan.

On 12 October 2016, the Longworth Neighbourhood Plan was officially adopted by Vale of White Horse District Council and is now part of the Development Plan.

Take a look at the Made Plan

The official referendum results were as follows:

  • Votes in favour of adopting the neighbourhood plan – 147
  • Votes against adopting the neighbourhood plan – 38
  • Turnout: 39.6%

If you have any queries about the Longworth Neighbourhood Plan, please call the planning department on 01235 422600 or email

For more general information about how neighbourhood plans work please click here.


The Final Neighbourhood Plan committee was a sub committee of the Parish Council made up of the following people (there were many other people involved over the duration of the project) :

Sandra Sabathy (Chair)

Michael Emanuel

Steve King

Michael Pearce

Gill Carlisle (Clerk)

 contact details:

email:  /  post: Rosedene, High Street, Longworth, OXON, OX13 5DU



As part of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations (amended) 2012, the Longworth Neighbourhood Plan Committee, a sub-committee under the Longworth Parish Council, produced a draft Neighbourhood Plan for the area. The Neighbourhood Plan was produced in order to allow the community to have a greater say in how our Parish develops over the next 15 years and includes planning related information and policies which we sought feedback on.   To view copies of the document,Click on these links below to access the documents,or, alternately, hard copies will be available at Rosedene, High Street, Longworth, OXON, OX13 5DU.   As part of the regulations, the proposed Neighbourhood Plan went out to public consultation for a period of 6 weeks. The consultation commenced December 15th 2015 and ended on the January 28th  2016. If you need any further information on the Neighbourhood Plan, please contact Mrs. Gill Carlisle at the above email or address



The Longworth Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to the Vale Planning department on Monday 15th February 2016 with the attached required documentation (copies of which can be accessed below). Some of the responses we received during village consultation resulted in  some slight changes to the Plan, but none that would require a re-consult with the village. We are now awaiting word back from our Planning rep as to next steps for the final consultation and Examiner review before we go to referendum.



A six week consultation period commenced on Wednesday 2 March and concluded on Wednesday 13 April 2016 (5pm).  The press advert appeared in the Herald series on Wednesday 2nd March. The District Council sought public thoughts and comments on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for Longworth village.





The LNP proceeded to the Examiner stage in late May, with his report being delivered on May 31st. Only one modification was requested by the Examiner (to Policy 2: Design) in order for the plan to meet the basic conditions. All other content and policies in the plan were considered fine and acceptable.  His recommendation was that, pursuant to the requested change being made, the Plan should be moved to referendum.

The Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Committee were made aware of the change requested and unanimously agreed to the change with the exception of Robert Longstaff who abstained. Changes were made and a Referendum version of the Plan was submitted to the Vale who then met with the Cabinet to determine if there were any reasons why the Plan could not move to referendum.  A decision was reached Friday, June 10th to move to referendum after a 5-day call-in period, which concluded Friday June 17th. The Democratic Services, which coordinates referendums, will be in touch with the Parish Council shortly to establish a date. The decision statement does state it will be held Summer 2016.

Once the referendum is held and if more than 50% of the voters choose to accept the Plan, the final steps will be for the plan to be formally “made” at council in October. At that point, the NP will attain the same legal status as the Local Plan as it becomes part of the statutory development plan.

The Referendum version of the Plan and the Examiners report can be found on the village website.


Longworth Neighbourhood Plan referendum

On Thursday, 18 August 2016 residents in Longworth voted in a referendum on whether their community should formally adopt the proposed Longworth Neighbourhood Plan.

Voting took place at the village hall polling station between 7am and 10pm, and the votes were then counted, by a team administered by David Buckle from VOWH.  Shortly after the count Mr Buckle announced of the following

LNP Referendum Result


Take a look at the referendum version of  Longworth Neighbourhood Plan.

Further Information

Referendum timetable Longworth timetable

Referendum information statement Information Statement with map

Notice of Referendum

Information for voters