Disruption to Waste Collcctions

The snow last Friday (1 February) caused unsafe driving conditions for our waste trucks so we decided to cancel our waste collections on that day for the safety of other road users, pedestrians and our waste crews.

We will begin catching up today (4 February). Unfortunately this will have a knock-on effect on waste collections for the rest of the week.

We are asking residents to leave their bins out on their scheduled collection day, but if the bins are not emptied on that day then please could they leave them out for three days from their scheduled collection day.


South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils

01235 422400

www.southoxon.gov.uk | @southoxon

www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk |@whitehorsedc

What to do with your Christmas tree

Christmas trees by bins

If you’re a garden waste customer…

We’ll come and collect it on your first brown bin collection after Christmas, from Wednesday 9 January – just put it out next to your brown bin.  Please don’t put it in the bin as it’s often difficult for the crews to get out. Trees larger than 6ft must be cut down.

Don’t worry if you missed the collection during this week – please simply put your tree out before the end of January on your brown bin collection day.

If you’re not a garden waste customer…

Drop it off at one of these special collection points:

Before Thursday 10 January

  • Appleford recreation field car park
  • Milton burial ground

Before Friday 11 January

  • Kennington – Forest Side and Playfield Road playing fields car park

Before Sunday 13 January

  • Wantage – Charlton Park Garden Centre
  • Buckland Village Hall
  • Childrey playing field
  • East Challow Village Hall Car Park
  • Frilford – Millets Farm Garden Centre

If you want to get rid of it later, you can also take it to these locations in South Oxfordshire.


Christmas & New Year bin collections

Christmas Party

School Admissions


As most of us know, this year is the 100th Anniversary of the WWI Armistice that gave us two decades of ‘peace’ before WWII. In total, the two World Wars took the lives of 64 men and women from Longworth, Hinton Waldrist and Kingston Bagpuize.

In April, 2011, Rob Belk worked with Jan Kelly, Peter and Janet Keene and others to produce the Villages at War weekend. Rob’s piece of that was the research of our local War Dead and the production of the War Dead Timeline that tells the strategic story of the wars and the individual stories of our war dead. The Timeline was first displayed that weekend – and then in St Mary’s, Longworth, and other locations.  Out of this came the Memorial Crescent, in Kingston Bagpuize.

Since then, Rob Belk has added the stories of 12 aircraft and 24 Aircrew who were killed on or over the three villages – and produced one World War Timeline for each of the three villages. Hinton Waldrist have put their Timeline on permanent display in St Margaret’s.

Neither Longworth nor Kingston Bagpuize are able to place their Timelines on permanent display, so Rob is launching a web based solution which contains the three Timelines.

Our Longworth World War Timeline tells the story of the two World Wars and the individual stories of our 38 local men and 6 Airmen from far away who were killed right here. Our local men died in many theatres of war – France, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Turkey, Iraq, Waziristan, Burma and several at home, when all seemed safe.

On the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice, this is a fitting reminder that the two World Wars were real and the people were real and they had names and families and hopes for the future – a future they gave for us.

Click on this link to visit the Read Their Stories Web site.

Village Car Wash fundraising event

Sleeping Beauty

Oxfordshire County Council Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 2 – Site Allocations

Issues and Options Consultation – Wednesday 8th August to 4pm Wednesday 3rd October 2018

 Oxfordshire County Council is now consulting on Issues and Options for the Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 2 – Site Allocations (the Sites Plan). The main purpose of the Sites Plan is to allocate the sites required to provide the additional capacity for minerals supply and waste management as set out within the Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 1 – Core Strategy.

Preparation of the Sites Plan follows the adoption of the Core Strategy on 12th September 2017. The Core Strategy sets out the vision, objectives, spatial planning strategy and policies for meeting development requirements for the supply of minerals and the management of waste in Oxfordshire over the period to 2031.

The Issues and Options consultation invites views on:

  • What the Sites Plan should cover?
  • What issues the Plan should address?
  • What options should be considered? – in particular, which sites should be considered for allocation for minerals and waste development?
  • What information will assist in the assessment of these options?

This Issues and Options consultation is the first key stage in the preparation of the Sites Plan and is the first formal stage of consultation. At this stage in the plan preparation process, no decisions have been made as to whether sites should or should not be allocated in the plan or on any other policy matters. The Council aims to adopt the Sites Plan in November 2020.

Renewed Call for Site Nominations

As part of this consultation we are also inviting nominations for sites to be considered for possible allocation in the Sites Plan. If you have a site that you would like to be considered, please complete the appropriate site nomination form and return it to the minerals and waste policy team at the address below. If you have previously nominated a site, please look at the consultation document to check that the information we have presented is still correct. Further information and nomination forms can be found here:

Sites for Mineral Working: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/minerals-sites

Sites for Recycled & Secondary Aggregates and Waste Management Facilities:


Where to view the consultation document

The Sites Plan Issues and Options consultation document and supporting documents can be viewed and downloaded at:


It is available to view at Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, Oxford, OX1 1ND.

It will also be available to view in the following libraries across Oxfordshire:
Abingdon Berinsfield Didcot Kennington Wallingford
Bampton Bicester Eynsham Kidlington Wantage
Banbury Burford Faringdon Oxford County Witney
Benson Carterton Henley Sonning Common Woodstock

If you have difficulty accessing the consultation document, please contact us.

How to comment

This consultation will run for eight weeks from Wednesday 8th August to 4.00pm on Wednesday 3rd October 2018. If you would like to make comments, please complete and return the response form that can be downloaded here:


Completed forms can be returned via

Development Management Team

Strategic Infrastructure and Planning

Communities, Oxfordshire County Council

County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX11ND

If you are unable to use the response form, please send your comments by email or letter and they will be considered.

Please ensure your comments reach us by 4.00pm on Wednesday 3rd October 2018.

This consultation forms part of the County Councils consultation on preparation of the Sites Plan under Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning (England) Regulations 2012. The comments received will be used to inform the preparation of a draft Sites Plan for consultation early next year.

Yours faithfully,

Minerals and Waste Policy Team.

Direct Line: 07741607726 or 07776997045

Email: mineralandwasteplanconsultation@oxfordshire.gov.uk

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