Householder electoral form

Received 2 emails from Democratic services re the electoral forms being delivered this week. PLEASE READ to save yourself time trying to work out what to do

Email 1:
Dear parish clerks

For your information, in case you receive queries, I am emailing to notify you that we have sent a letter (Household Notification Letter) to all households in the district confirming the voter registration information we have for the people living in their property. The letters should start arriving this weekend/next week.

If the information is correct they do not need to do anything. However, if the information is wrong/incomplete residents should visit householdresponse.com/southandvale as soon as possible to update their details (they will need the two security codes on the letter) – this is to help ensure their information is correct before the 2019 local elections in May.



Steven Corrigan
Democratic Services Manager
Legal and Democratic

Email 2:
Dear parish clerks

Further to my email dated 1 February, below, I am writing to advise you that there is an error on the front page of the Household Notification Letter (HNL) which requests persons to indicate whether they are over 70 instead of over 76. Whilst the notes referred to on the rear of the form refer to over 76, this form is clearly confusing for which we apologise. The online form is correct.

I want to assure you that this error, whilst confusing and inconvenient, will not impact on a person’s inclusion on the electoral register. The decision to post out HNLs was taken to ensure the register for the May elections reflected any household changes since last year’s annual canvass.

If you receive any queries from electors please advise them that if all other details on the form apart from the age are correct not to return the form. They will remain registered.

We apologise for this error and thank you for responding to any queries with the above information.

Steven Corrigan
Democratic Services Manager


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