Longworth’s Litter

My name is Joseph and I am in the process of completing my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.  For the Volunteering section of this award I chose to help our community by completing a weekly litter pick in various parts of Longworth village.

For the last 13 weekends I have spent a minimum of one hour collecting rubbish from the roadside, walkways, hedgerows and fields.  Each week I have been astounded and appalled at how much I have collect in that time, always at least one full bin bag and on one occasion three!  The regular offenders are beer bottles, beer and drink cans and sweet wrappers.  The most bizarre object was a hot water bottle!  I don’t understand how people can be so lazy and would do such a thing to our environment.

I am aware that people travelling through the village cause some of this but sadly we need to work together to try to keep on top of it.  If people took a small bag on their walks and collected any obvious litter they saw, this would all help.  I’m just one teenager, think what could be achieved if we all did our bit!

L – Longworth is our home
I – Individuals can make a difference
T – Trash is no laughing matter
T – Tidy up after yourself
E – Environments need protecting
R – Recycle your rubbish

Joseph Allen

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