Flu Clinics 2020 – White Horse Medical Practice


Please read the following carefully as there are changes this year due to Covid19
The first Flu Clinic is on Saturday 3rd October 2020 and the following dates are Tuesdays or Thursdays, October 13/15th, 20/22nd, 27/29th
If you are 65 or over you will receive a letter text or phone call from the surgery stating the date and time for your vaccination
If you are aged 18-65 with specific long-term conditions and/or in the at risk group you will receive a text or letter asking you to book an appointment on our website using Engage-Consult: These include chronic respiratory disease or asthma, heart disease, renal disease, liver disease, diabetes, neurological disease, BMI>40 or you are immune suppressed, or a carer for an elderly or disabled person
You will receive specific detail of what to wear and other guidance
Visit www.whmp.co.uk for more details
Upon arrival please maintain social distancing and wear a face mask at all times
If you have any Covid symptoms do NOT attend. Call (NHS) 111


Pregnant, Babies and Children:
All pregnant women are recommended to have the vaccination.
For babies of 6 months+, with an existing condition, please consult your GP
Vaccinations for pre-school aged children
                                  These have started and we urge you to get this done as soon as possible for all children                                                                 aged 2 or 3 years old on August 31st, 2020
NB: School aged children will be vaccinated at school this year


For more information visit www.whmp.co.uk
Or visit our Facebook page @whitehorsemedical

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