Longworth School

Based on notes used for a talk to the Longworth History Society on 16th September 1998 by TONY GUTTERIDGE. Collated and edited with additional material by JAN KELLY. The beginnings of formal education in Longworth Education first started in church and chapels with Sunday School giving Bible readings and lessons from the Scriptures. Longworth is …

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Class of 1930

The links below take you to two photographs of the pupils of Longworth School in 1930. We have tentatively been able to put names to most of the pupils in the photographs, although some of you may be able to correct mistakes. Move your mouse over each face to see the name. These young bright faces …

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Wedding – 1940s

This photo of a wedding in Longworth, believed to have been taken between 1940 and 1950, was sent by a member of the Luckett family who asks if anyone can identify whose wedding it was, or any of the guests. Edgar and Winifred Luckett are at the back right, and between them is Betty Chambers. …

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Oxfordshire 1000

This photo of Longworth people was taken on 17 June 2007, at a breakfast held in Longworth to celebrate 1000 years of Oxfordshire. Click on the photo to see it full size.

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Longworth Ladies

This group of formidable ladies was photographed in front of Longworth Church. If you can shed any light on the date of this photo or the people in it, please email webmaster@longworthvillage.org.uk

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Villages at War

Longworth History Society has been researching the stories of some of the local people who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars. You can access their work at http://www.longworth-history.org.uk/villages-at-war/index.html

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